Mayor Sylvester Turner


I SEE U, Episode 101: Sylvester Turner: Mayor of Heaven, Hell and Houston [Encore]

Posted on · Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner sits down with I SEE U inside of his office for an unguarded chat about how he led the nation’s fourth largest city through a global pandemic, historic flooding, violent crime, homelessness and notions of racial inequities as a Black man in a blue city inside a red state. This episode is an encore of the November 18, 2023 original broadcast.

Environmental Justice Activist Roishetta Ozane


I SEE U, Episode 75: An Injustice To Remain Silent with Clean Energy Researcher Roishetta Ozane [Encore]

Posted on · Environmental justice advocate, Roishetta Ozane, reveals the social challenges in addressing the impacts of climate change, as devastating storms and a booming industrial buildout continue to engulf Southwest Louisiana—while leaving susceptible communities of color to fend for themselves. This episode is an encore of the February 17th, 2023 original broadcast.

Palestinian Artist Nai Barghouti


I SEE U, Episode 79: XENA, Palestinian Warrior Princess [Encore]

Posted on · Classically trained flute player and renowned soloist, Nai Barghouti takes her distinct, Arabic jazz fusion into the world of electronic music, offering up rousing vocals to a high-energy track produced by multiple Grammy winner, Skrillex. This episode is an encore of the March 25, 2023 original broadcast.

1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted the Culture Director, Sharon "Rocky" Roggio.


I SEE U, Episode 81: A Mistranslation of Biblical Proportions with Documentarian Sharon “Rocky” Roggio [Encore]

Posted on · Documentarian Sharon “Rocky” Roggio presents a compelling case in her directorial film debut that Christian opposition to homosexuality is based on a 1946 biblical mistranslation of Greek text. This episode is an encore of the April 8, 2023 original broadcast.

Actor Glynn Turman Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard (


I SEE U, Episode 86: Glynn Turman is The Glynn-aissance Man [Encore]

Posted on · Renowned actor and three-time NAACP Image Award winner, Glynn Turman provides a poignant audio memoir of the triumphs and tribulations of creating legacy in the art of acting. This episode is an encore of the May 13, 2023 original broadcast.

Dr. Betty Kilby Fisher Baldwin (Center-Left) and Phoebe Kilby (Center-Right). Authors of the book "Cousins"


I SEE U, Episode 58: Slavery Ties That Bind Freedom [Encore]

Posted on · Two women, one Black and the other White, connected through slavery, share intimate moments about how they were able to forge a remarkable friendship despite their family’s painful history. This episode is an encore of the September 17, 2022 original broadcast.

Author of Black People Breathe, Zee Clarke.


I SEE U, Episode 78: Say It Loud! Woosah! [Encore]

Posted on · Mindfulness author Zee Clarke not only offers a meditative guidebook for Black people who seek healing from racial trauma but also provides insight for allies into the inequities these communities face, so that empathy and affirmation can lead to effective change and transformation. This episode is an encore of the March 11, 2023 original broadcast.

Top Left - Barber, Derrick Williams Bottom Left - I SEEU Editor Johnmitchell Goode, barbershop customers Dr. Wade and another barbershop client Middle Photo - Ken's Kutting Shoppe Owner, Ken Hicks. Top Right- Ken Hicks and Derrick Williams Bottom Right - Ken Hicks and Texas Coach Lovie Smith


I SEE U, Episode 69: Black Men On The Cutting Edge [Encore]

Posted on · Houston entrepreneur, Ken Hicks, reveals his challenges and triumphs as he, along with his clients and customers candidly discuss the power of support, connectivity and mental healing when experiencing the culture of Black barbershops. This episode is an encore of the January 7, 2023 original broadcast.

Film Producer, Jeffery Robinson


I SEE U, Episode 64: Pursuing A More Perfect Union with Legal Expert Jeffery Robinson [Encore]

Posted on · Racial justice activist and legal expert, Jeffery Robinson, admits that he’s not about bashing America or making someone feel guilty about what happened hundreds of years ago—he simply holds a passionate advocacy for providing new perspectives on the truth of our American history. This episode is an encore of the October 29, 2022 original broadcast.

Rock 'n' Roll Icon Little Richard Penniman. Director of the Little Richard: I Am Everything documentary, Lisa Cortes.


I SEE U, Episode 82: Sorry Y’all… It Wasn’t Elvis with Filmmaker Lisa Cortés [Encore]

Posted on · Academy Award®-nominated, Emmy-winning producer and film director, Lisa Cortès, provides fresh perspective and analysis about her latest documentary that uncovers surprising revelations about musical legend, Little Richard. This episode is an encore of the April 15, 2023 original broadcast.

Center image, Director Elegance Bratton (All outer images are from the movie The Inspection) Top Left- Actress Gabrielle Union and Actor Jeremy Pope, Top Right - Actor Jeremy Pope, Left Center - Actor Jeremy Pope and Raul Castillo, Right Center - Actress Gabrielle Union, Bottom Left - Actor Jeremy Pope and Aubrey Joseph, Bottom right - Actor Bokeem Woodbine and Raul Castillo


I SEE U, Episode 68: Storytelling Elegance in God, Fear & Sex with Elegance Bratton [Encore]

Posted on · Acclaimed writer/director, Elegance Bratton, shares deeply, personal insight into the tumultuous relationship with his mother as I SEE U takes a provocative look at THE INSPECTION – a compelling, autobiographical film about a young Black, gay man seeking acceptance by joining the military. This episode is an encore of the December 3rd, 2022 original broadcast.

Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth, Dr. Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth and Graceyn Hollingsworth, the creators of the YouTube show Gracie's Corner.


I SEE U, Episode 80: Sweet Sounds of Amazing Gracie [Encore]

Posted on · The Houston family behind the visually popular YouTube channel, “Gracie’s Corner,” reveals how their digital platform showcasing their daughter highlights Black culture through education, the importance of family and empowers millions of children worldwide. This episode is an encore of the April 1st, 2023 original broadcast.

Award-winning Blues Artist Ruthie Foster


I SEE U, Episode 77: The Thrill is Ruthie Foster [Encore]

Posted on · Four-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and Navy veteran, Ruthie Foster speaks candidly about how the U.S. military served as an escape for her and many others in sparsely populated areas who simply desired so much more out of life. his episode is an encore of the March 4, 2023 original broadcast.

Megan Thee Stallion and The Southern Black Girls & Women Consortium


I SEE U, Episode 59: Real Hot Girl Inspiration [Encore]

Posted on · Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Roberts, Tina Turner, Megan Thee Stallion—there’s something about Black women of the South… and Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium leaders, LaTosha Brown and Melikah Berry Rogers, offer up case studies fresh from cities across the South in an effort to prove why more corporations, not just non-profits, should start investing in Black girl dreams. This episode is an encore of the September 24, 2022 broadcast.

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