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H-Town Sneaker Summit Highlights Sneaker Culture

Posted on · As far back asÂthe 1970’s, from the basketball court to the barbershop, aÂquestion that often gets asked is, “Where did you get those sneakers?” On Dec. 4, Bayou City Event Center will host 250 exhibitors and 5,000 sneaker enthusiasts at the annualÂH-Town Sneaker Summit. Sneaker Summit’s founder and creative director Bryan Angelle explains the sneaker […]

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Houston Hacks, and Houston’s Plan: Friday’s Show (December 2, 2016)

Posted on · We all have little tricks to make our lives in Houston easier. Maybe yours include avoiding crowds by shopping for groceries during a Texans game. Or maybe you know a special shortcut around traffic. On this edition of Houston Matters, we invite you to share your Houston life hacks and we hear some suggestions from […]