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Is the Boom in Shale Gas Production Over, or Just Pausing?

Posted on · Is the boom in shale gas production — as a recent Houston Chronicle article suggested — “starting to waver?” It’s not that there isn’t more gas trapped beneath shale to capture (though that supply is not indefinite), a question the industry is asking now is: with crude oil fetching far less per barrel than it […]

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Does Fracking Really Contaminate Drinking Water?

Posted on · Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been a boom for Texas oil and gas companies. The process of pumping a mixture of water and chemicals into the ground to break up shale allows oil and gas to flow to the surface. There are some who question fracking's impact on the environment and surrounding communities. One of […]

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Fracking Chemicals, Hockey in Houston, Great Art in Ugly Rooms: Houston Matters for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Posted on · Companies that drill for oil use combinations of chemicals in the hydraulic fracturing process to free oil trapped in rock formations called shale. You probably know that drillers pump thousands of gallons of water mixed with such chemicals down into their wells. You may be aware there are rules about reporting what those chemicals are. […]