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Late Morning Rains Bring Severe Weather

Posted on · (Above: Heavy rains fall in downtown Houston during the late morning hours Wednesday. Photo: Gail Delaughter, Houston Public Media) As News 88.7 is reporting, strong storms bringing heavy rains and wind are passing through the Greater Houston region today. Some areas were under a tornado warning earlier. We learn the latest about the storm and […]

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How Will Fewer Regulations Affect Houstonians? Thursday’s Show (February 9, 2017)

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss how fewer business regulations might affect the environment, changes to the National Weather Service's National Water Model, and the struggle Texas and Texans face paying for college. Also, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty performs in studio.

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The Latest on Flooding Around Houston

Posted on · Sustained heavy rains brought flooding to many areas of Greater Houston today (Jan. 18, 2017). The Houston Fire Department reported dozens of water rescue calls on those roads, with flooded cars. While it may shake out as less significant than the Tax Day flood — or other major weather events of recent years — we’re once again reminded […]

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Hurricane Isaiah: A Fictional Storm with Potentially Real Consequences

Posted on · With just under a month left in another relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season for Greater Houston, it’s natural for complacency to set in. But that’s just what worries the folks at Rice University’s Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters, or SSPEED Center. Researchers there are trying to understand just how well (or not) Greater […]

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Answers to Your Flood Insurance Questions

Posted on · In light of all the flooding we’ve experienced this year, we offer you an opportunity to speak with an expert about flood insurance. We welcome your questions for Rick McElvaney, a clinical associate professor at the University of Houston and director of the Texas Consumer Complaint Center and consumer law clinics. (Above: Flooding along the Brazos […]

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Severe Weather Puts a Damper on Houston’s Arts Community

Posted on · If your holiday weekend plans involved time outside, you may have watched the forecast well in advance. The severe rains and flooding earlier this summer has made outdoor events tricky for many, including the arts community. News 88.7 arts and culture reporter Amy Bishop spoke with some of the biggest — and smallest — organizations to […]

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The National Water Model: The Next Wave of Flood Prediction Technology

Posted on · Remember when you first upgraded to an HDTV? Suddenly, you were able to see all the detail you didn’t know you were missing. Well, the National Weather Service will soon be making a similar upgrade — in terms of its flood prediction technology — when it launches its new National Water Model later this summer. To […]

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The Forecast for Houston’s 2016 Hurricane Season

Posted on · It feels a little bit like betting on March Madness teams, but hurricane forecasters say that they have done their scientific homework and know where storms are going to develop. So, here at the beginning of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, what are conditions out there looking like? And should Houston be worried? We talk […]

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Preparing Houston for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Posted on · The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins today (June 1, 2016). To find out what Houstonians need to know to be prepared for the season, we talk with Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. Judge Emmett discusses how recent floods might have jump-started public awareness of natural disasters in Greater Houston and what lessons we’ve learned about hurricanes, tropical storms […]