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Affordable Housing and Retirement: Monday’s Show (March 7, 2016)

Posted on · A Houston-based think tank argues the greatest economic challenge America faces today is a lack of affordable housing. The Center for Opportunity Urbanism examines this challenge in a recent report entitled America’s Housing Crisis. On this edition of Houston Matters, we learn more from Anne Snyder, a fellow at the center. We also talk with Morley Winograd, the […]

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Senior Center Teaches Everything from Organic Gardening to Smartphones

Posted on · Houston seniors are learning to grow their own organic food courtesy of the community gardening program at the Thomas A. Glazier Senior Education Center. It’s just one of nearly 200 educational and civic programs being offered at the center. The senior garden features raised beds so seniors of all levels of physical ability can participate.

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Silver Alerts Help Locate Missing and Endangered Seniors

Posted on · We’ve all seen the Silver Alert notifications on billboards as we drive around the Greater Houston region indicating a senior is missing, perhaps disoriented or impaired in some way, and might be at risk to themselves or to others. We learn what triggers those alerts, how the system works, and what we can do to try to prevent such situations.

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With a Little Help From Our Friends: Finding Community in the Golden Years

Posted on · In 2006 the U.S Census Bureau estimated that about 13 percent of Houston’s population of 2 million were over 60 years old. Those are the Baby Boomers, a generation of folks born between 1946 and 1964. Where will all those people go as they age — nursing homes, family, or join a growing trend of folks aging in […]

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Caring for An Elderly Loved One Takes a Toll on Family Members

Posted on · We recently had a conversation about dealing with and preventing elder abuse here in Houston. But elder abuse is just one of many challenges facing the growing population of seniors and the loved ones often tasked with caring for them. So, on this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss some of the broader challenges of caring for an […]


Trying To Keep Up With Housing For Senior Citizens In Houston

Posted on · Many seniors in Houston and Harris County find it a challenge to live independently because of the rising costs of energy, healthcare and even food. Community leaders welcomed a housing project in north Houston that gives seniors a high quality of life with rent that doesn't exceed their means.


Seniors Shaping Up

Posted on · One of the most debated aspects of the new health care bill is how it will affect seniors. That's because seniors tend to take more drugs and visit the doctor more than any other age group. But here in Houston, the United Way sponsors a program that aims to keep older residents healthy by making them more active. Bill Stamps explains.


Ultimate Doctor Care for Seniors

Posted on · As lawmakers discuss the president's healthcare overhaul, two local doctors celebrate the opening of a second clinic designed specifically for seniors. They embrace a medical philosophy that provides coordinated and personal care to older patients. Pat Hernandez has more on select senior clinics of Texas.