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Scientists Issue ‘Second Notice’ On Looming Environmental Problems — What Role Can Houston Play In Solving Them?

Posted on · Some 25 years after issuing a "Warning To Humanity," more than 15,000 scientists have signed a new letter spelling out many of the same problems they say have gone unaddressed.

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Full Show: Hurricane Season Ending, And Greg Louganis (Nov. 30, 2017)

Posted on · On Thursday's Houston Matters: We recap the very busy Atlantic hurricane season, which ends today. Then, a group of scientists writes a letter to humanity, warning of looming environmental concerns. Plus, we discuss the stranglehold the oil industry has on the transportation world. And former Olympic diver Greg Louganis talks about his journey with HIV.

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Houston Professor Hosting Symposium with Five Siblings

Posted on · Dr. Anne Sereno is a cognitive neuroscientist with the McGovern Medical School who will be hosting a symposium with her five siblings — who are also scientists — for the 42nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in January. It’s called the Sereno Symposium: The Lanscape of Human Cognition. Maggie Martin sat down with Dr. Sereno, professor of […]

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Escaping Cuba, and the Last Mile of Your Commute: Monday’s Show (November, 28 2016)

Posted on · With the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, we thought we'd take time on this edition of Houston Matters to tell the story of a Houstonian whose life was directly affected by Castro's rise to power. As a teenager, Lorenzo Martinez was evacuated in secret from Cuba in the 1960s. What Martinez didn't know […]

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Scientists Compete in Crafting ‘Elevator Speeches’ for Their Research

Posted on · If you're trying to get ahead in your career – or just sell an idea – you've probably been told to craft an "elevator speech." It's a clear, brief message about yourself and your work, a tiny talk you've memorized for interviews, meetings – or that chance encounter in the elevator with your company's president. […]

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Pint of Science Offers a Chance to Think When You Drink

Posted on · Pint of Science, an annual, worldwide festival came to Houston this week (May 23-25, 2016). The all-volunteer organization behind it brought together scientists skilled in space, artificial intelligence, immunotherapy and other disciplines. They all gathered at three local bars as a way to spark interest in science and help Houstonians to get to know their […]