Pastors In Texas Find New Ways To Serve Fearful Immigrants

Posted on · Parishes and communities with large populations of immigrants in the U.S. illegally have reported slightly lower attendance on Sundays, or significant drop-offs in attendance. Because of this, Pastors have begun to conduct weekly meetings by telephone with people who are afraid or unable to go to church.

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Political Roundup: Senate Healthcare Bill, and the Constitutionality of the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

Posted on · It’s time again for our weekly political roundup and analysis of national, state, and local political stories. On this week’s edition, we discuss everything from the status of the healthcare bill in the Senate, to Texas joining a ten-state coalition supporting the constitutionality of President Trump’s executive order regarding sanctuary cities, to whether or not […]

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Is Texas Racist? And the Endless 290 Construction Project: Tuesday’s Show (June 13, 2017)

Posted on · Since March, three different Texas voting laws have been struck down by the courts as intentionally discriminatory. And the Texas Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 4, the so-called “sanctuary cities ban,” which many immigrants rights’ groups are concerned will lead to racial profiling. That string of news got us wondering – is Texas racist? Does […]