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Why Are Pedestrian Fatalities Down Everywhere — Except Texas?

Posted on · A new report indicates pedestrian fatalities have decreased nationwide after a three-year spike. But not here in Texas. On this edition of Houston Matters, we’ll talk with the report’s author, transportation researcher Dr. Allan Williams, the former chief scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about the particulars of what he found. Then we’ll discuss the implications of […]

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How Receiving Kidney Donation Changed Houston Man’s Life

Posted on · In 2013 the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) recorded more than 1.6 million Texas registrants to the Donate Life Texas Registry, bringing the total to nearly five million people. The registry is the state database of individuals who have officially indicated their decisions to donate organs and tissue to benefit thousands of people currently […]

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Death & Injury: The Hidden Cost of Houston’s Oil Boom

Posted on · On Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reported on some of the negative consequences of Greater Houston’s oil boom. While regulations have been strengthened in recent years for off-shore oil drilling – in particular following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill – on-shore drilling remains, as one Houston attorney puts it: “the wild west.” We talk […]

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How Safe is Houston for Cyclists & Bikers?

Posted on · On Wednesday’s Houston Matters, we talked about our lives in traffic in our cars. Today, we look at Greater Houston through cyclists’ eyes. We discuss recent bicycle accidents and explore bicycle and motorcycle safety in Houston. First, we welcome your questions for Michael Payne, the Executive Director of Bike Houston, and Laura Spanjian, Sustainability Director for the City […]

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Is Pumping Acid Into the Ground for Fracking Safe?

Posted on · Companies that drill for oil use combinations of chemicals in the hydraulic fracturing process to free oil trapped in rock formations called shale. You probably know that drillers pump thousands of gallons of water mixed with such chemicals down into their wells. You may be aware there are rules about reporting what those chemicals are. […]

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That Abandoned Lot in Your Neighborhood — It’s More Than Just an Eyesore

Posted on · Also this hour: Just a few months ago, the City of Houston rolled out its Mow-Down program – a pilot program to address overgrown abandoned lots in Houston neighborhoods. Officials say they’re eyesores which raise public safety concerns. We talk with the head of the program, Landon Taylor.


How To Keep Safe During The Holidays

Posted on · ‘Tis the season to be careful with holiday decorations. The Houston Fire Department is out with its annual reminder about the potential dangers with Christmas trees, electricity, candles and any emergency that might keep us out the holiday spirit.

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How to Fry Your Turkey Without Frying Your House

Posted on · One popular turkey preparation technique every Thanksgiving is deep frying. Gary Stephenson, Regional Spokesman for State Farm Insurance, says Texas has lead the nation the last eight years in cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day, and he gives us some advice for deep frying your turkey without deep frying your house. More: Tips for safely frying […]

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Critical Mass Bike Ride

Posted on · Another Critical Mass bike ride is planned for this Friday night. We talk with organizers, and consider both the goals of – and concerns raised by – these occasional mass bike rides. The movement was originally founded in San Francisco to draw attention to how unfriendly that city’s streets were to cyclists. Here in Houston, it’s caused […]

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Author Exposes Threat of Nuclear Mishaps

Posted on · You may remember investigative journalist Eric Schlosser as the guy who ruined fast food for you, at least for a time. His book Fast Food Nation was a best-selling exposé of the American food industry, and thanks to him, we all know too well how the chicken nuggets are made. Well, now he’s back to […]