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Roller Derby: More Than Fishnets and a Tough Name

Posted on · In Houston's competitive sports scene, you have your Dwight Howards and J.J. Watts. You also have some Mary Choppinses, Helen Killers, and Bullet Suckers. These are just a few of the names of athletes in Houston's roller derby scene. And if their names are any indication, these girls are tough. Roller derby is a competitive […]

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EPA in Galena Park, Kindergarten Boot Camp, and Roller Derby: Houston Matters for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Posted on · The Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday held a public hearing in Galena Park, where residents called for the federal agency to adopt stricter emissions standards for oil refineries, in order to reduce exposure to benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. The meeting was the second and final public hearing over the new rules, which would require oil refineries […]


Roller Derby Is Hot In Houston

Posted on · Roller derby is a 77-year old amateur sport that has been through several boom and bust cycles. It's been booming ever since a rebirth in Austin in 2000. And now it's being played by over 135 all-female leagues. Houston alone has six teams.