Good, Bad and Ugly

Movie Theater Fear, Body Cameras and a Sneaker Riot: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From Sony’s decision to not release the movie The Interview after vague threats of violence after the studio was hacked, to the approval of body cameras on Harris County law enforcement, to a riot over sneakers: we discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of this week’s news. Our panel of non-experts is comprised […]

Moody Park

Moody Park- The Aftermath

Posted on · Thirty years ago today, fires from the Moody Park Riot were still smoldering. Destroyed police cars and looted businesses were evidence of what had happened the day before. But as Jack Williams reports in the third of a three part series, the destruction was just the beginning of a gradual healing process. It also marked a new era in how the Houston police department related to the City's minority communities.

Moody Park

Moody Park Part 2- The Riot

Posted on · Thirty years ago today, in Moody Park on Houston's near north side, thousands gathered for Cinco de Mayo festivities. It had been a year since Jose Campos Torres had drowned in Buffalo Bayou after a police beating. In the crowd that day, anger toward the police soon exploded into violence. In the second of a three part series, Jack Williams reports on a day many will never forget.

Moody Park

Echoes of Moody Park – Part 1

Posted on · It was thirty years ago tomorrow that a crowd in a community park on Houston's near north side exploded in anger, resulting in one of the worst riots in the city's history. Moody Park instantly became a dark symbol of simmering unrest between the Houston Police Department and the local Hispanic community. In the first of a three part series, Jack Williams reports on what led to that fateful day a year earlier along the banks of Buffalo Bayou.