Houston Matters

Can you Live on a Minimum Wage in Houston?

Posted on · In recent days, labor and community groups have rallied in Houston, and across the nation, calling for a raise in the minimum wage, currently 7.25 an hour, and encouraging employers to voluntarily pay employees more. Texas has more minimum wage workers than any other state, and the 2nd-highest percentage of hourly paid workers making the […]


Rice University Turns 100

Posted on · An institution synonymous with Houston — Rice University — is marking its 100th anniversary. Rice started off with just seventy students in four buildings. It's now one of the top research schools in the nation.


Gift Will Help Sustain Rice Urban Research Institute

Posted on · The institute that puts together the annual Houston area survey is about to receive a tremendous financial gift — and a new name. Rice University is set to formally announce later this afternoon a multi-million dollar endowment that will support expanded research on how Houston is changing, and how those changes compare with other cities around the world. David Pitman has more.


The Right Opportunity between U.S. and Pakistan

Posted on · Pakistan's Foreign Minister delivers his assessment of his country's relations with the United States. He told a packed audience at Rice University's Baker Institute that the advent of democracy in Pakistan creates the right opportunity for improved relations. Pat Hernandez has more.


Rice Researchers Say Tiny Cages Can Hold Super-Dense Hydrogen

Posted on · Gas prices are lower now, but over the summer hit the four-dollar a gallon mark here in Houston. Scientists are now working harder than ever to figure out ways to perfect alternative ways to power vehicles. At Rice University, researchers have taken a small step toward figuring out how to store hydrogen in a dense-enough form to be used as fuel. Jack Williams explains.