Many Houstonians May Be Unaware They Live In Evacuation Zones

Posted on · The information’s not required in real estate documents, and the last time the evacuation zone map was activated was during Hurricane Ike: nearly 10 years ago. Officials also say around a million people have moved to Houston from other locations, and may not know how to evacuate. Is Houston ready for the next big storm?

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Scientists Issue ‘Second Notice’ On Looming Environmental Problems — What Role Can Houston Play In Solving Them?

Posted on · Some 25 years after issuing a "Warning To Humanity," more than 15,000 scientists have signed a new letter spelling out many of the same problems they say have gone unaddressed.

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How Did Harvey Compare To Researchers’ Worst-Case Scenario Storm?

Posted on · Back in October 2016, researchers created a fictional tropical storm of extraordinary magnitude to understand just how well (or not) Greater Houston would handle the “big one.” Well, how did Harvey compare, and what lessons did they learn from it?