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Full Show: Texas Children In Poverty, And Lessons From American Presidents At War (Nov. 15, 2018)

Posted on · On Thursday's Houston Matters: A new study says one in five Texas children lives in poverty. Historian Michael Beschloss discusses his book, Presidents of War. We answer your winter gardening questions. And performers tell us about their show, Midtown Live.

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Full Show: SB4’s Economic Impact, And Big Changes To The Farmer’s Market (Aug. 1, 2017)

Posted on · On today's Houston Matters, we discuss one group's estimates on the economic impact of the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill. Plus: we check in on the costs of renting and buying homes in Greater Houston, discuss corporal punishment in Texas schools, and learn about changes planned for the Houston Farmers’ Market.

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Where is the Affordable Housing for the Rest of Us?

Posted on · At the beginning of this month, Houston Business Journal reporter Paul Takahashi wrote that Houston has the fifth-largest number of affluent renters nationally. And while that might seem high, it’s actually just 4.4 percent of all renters in Houston. More than 50 percent of Houston housing consumers are in the middle- to lower-income market, making […]

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Will Low Oil Prices Mean Lower Rents in Houston?

Posted on · We discuss how current economic conditions in Greater Houston are affecting the real estate market. There's been a lot of hand-wringing over the luxury apartment rental market in particular as many upscale high and mid-rise properties have been built across the region in prime locations, but in many cases are far from fully occupied. We […]

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What You Should Know Before Signing an Apartment Lease

Posted on · New Houstonians and renters whose leases are up in the fall may be apartment hunting these days. While demand is consistently high here, there are lots of apartment developments to explore. The real challenge – finding an apartment with the amenities you want, at the price you want, in the location you want, when you […]