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Next Question (Ep 11): A Look Back at 2019’s Top News Stories, Best (and Worst) Films, Jamie Foxx & the Music of Carolina Eyck

Posted on · On this week's episode, News 88.7 Morning Edition Anchor shares his pick for the top news stories for Harris County for 2019; we unveil movie critic Dustin Chase's top 10 list; and with the release of the new film Just Mercy, we revisit Ernie's 2004 conversation with actor Jamie Foxx.

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‘The Martian’ Balances Scientific Accuracy with a Compelling Story

Posted on · The new movie The Martian opens today, starring Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut who's stranded on Mars. He has to resort to some pretty extreme engineering tactics to survive. The movie's based on the novel by the same name by Andy Weir, both of which might strike a chord here in Houston, a […]

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Online University Aims to Bring College to More People

Posted on · Back in 1996 a group of bipartisan western governors got together and wanted to figure out how to use technology to bring post-secondary education to a larger number of people. The hope was to make it efficient, affordable and easily accessible — which meant it had to be online. Out of this meeting, a non-profit […]

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Policing the Police

Posted on · On Thursday, Oct .24, Texas Southern University will host a community meeting called “Policing the Police” – it’s a panel discussion about police procedures. The event stems from recent articles about police misconduct published by the Texas Observer. On this edition of Houston Matters, in advance of the meeting, we talk with Texas Observer writer […]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) of Space in Movies

Posted on · Many sci-fi classics and clunkers alike have tried to accurately portray the experience of being in outer space. The latest to try to bring that experience to life is the film Gravity, which premieres in Houston theaters today. Space City is especially sensitive to how space exploration is presented on screen. We talk about some […]