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News Director Jack Williams Reflects on the Changing World of Radio News

Posted on · After 16 years, News 88.7’s news director and local All Things Considered host Jack Williams is leaving Houston Public Media. Craig Cohen sits down with him for an exit interview about how the realm of radio news in Houston has changed over the years — and how the business in general has changed since he […]

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Preserving Rare Recordings of Student Radio at KTRU

Posted on · Norie Guthrie has worked as an archivist and a special collections librarian at the Woodson Research Center Fondren Library at Rice University for the last four years. In her first year she came across about 25 dusty old boxes with reel-to-reel recordings from the early days of KTRU, Rice's student radio station. She explains to […]

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The State of Radio in Houston

Posted on · Amid technological advances, format changes, and frequencies bought and sold, the radio industry is constantly in flux. The rise of streaming, HD Radio, podcasts, and satellite radio all available on demand have provided listeners more choices than ever. What does it all mean for radio in Greater Houston today and in the future? We ask […]

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Veterans, Bitcoin, and the Art of Radio Waves: Houston Matters for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Posted on · This week, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced a plan to improve the speed of veteran care. President Obama promised military veterans at the American Legion national convention that he would fulfill his “sacred trust” to them by overhauling a system deemed “unacceptable and troubling” by an inspector general's report highlighting a Phoenix VA […]

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How Does News Coverage Affect Our Perception of Crime in Houston?

Posted on · If you watch a local newscast in Houston, plenty of the half-hour will surely be devoted to crime. And that’s pretty typical in a major city. But how crime is covered by media here affects our perceptions of crime. We'll discuss that with Mike O'Neill, an Executive Producer at KHOU CBS 11, Wayne Dolcefino, a […]