Texas Leaders Want Voters To OK Property Tax Revenue Growth Over 2.5 Percent. They Couldn’t Get 4 Percent In 2017.

Posted on · The leaders of both legislative chambers say they will be united this year — even if cities and counties push back — and that local officials should come to Austin with solutions in hand if they don't like new proposals.

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Organ Donation Bill, and NPR’s Ari Shapiro: Friday’s Show (March 17, 2017)

Posted on · A bill (HB 1938) recently filed by State Representative Jason Villalba of Dallas would automatically make Texans organ donors — unless they opt out. The bill would apply to first-time driver's license applicants and renewals who are 18 and over. Unless they specifically opt out on the form, citizens would automatically be added to organ […]

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What Do Your Property Taxes Pay for and What Reforms Might Be on the Way?

Posted on · You've probably received your property tax estimate, and perhaps you’ve disputed the amount. We talk with Scott Hochberg, a former state representative who served on the public education committee, about what your taxes pay for when it comes to schools. And we also speak with State Sen. Paul Bettencourt about the recent legislative changes to […]

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Mexican-American Textbook Controversy and Property Tax Reform: Friday’s Show (June 3, 2016)

Posted on · Recently Texas made national headlines for the states' new Mexican-American Heritage textbook. The book was much anticipated by some — after heated discussions in 2014. However, the response to the published book from the Mexican-American community wasn't exactly what the Texas Education Agency was hoping for. Tony Diaz, writer and activist with El Librotraficante, told […]