Dueling property tax cut packages would reduce Texans’ tax bills by more than $16 billion

Posted on · There’s broad, bipartisan support in the Texas Legislature for using the state’s record surplus to cut taxes, but the Senate and House are at odds on how to accomplish that goal.

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What a $50 savings per taxpayer is costing Harris County residents

Posted on · Republican officials contend last fall’s boycott of Harris County Commissioners Court was more than worth it, forcing cuts to what they saw as a bloated budget and granting relief to taxpayers burdened by inflation. But the bill is coming due in the form of starved departments and fewer services.

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Flush with Revenue, Should Texas Cut Property Taxes or Pay for Long-Overdue Projects?

Posted on · Tyler Republican State Sen. Kevin Eltife is working to build support for a combination of bills he believes will provide both a property tax cut and set a path to spend money on deferred road maintenance and paying off some pension liabilities, among other state needs. Eltife argues that while the state is unusually flush […]