Former Executive Editor of the New York times, Former Editor in Chief of the Marshall Project and author of What's Prison For? , Bill Keller.


I SEE U, Episode 72: Prisons: A Colossal Waste of Human Potential

Posted on · Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller stresses rehabilitation over punishment for U.S. prisons and argues that doing nothing to reform the current system feeds a continued cycle of crime, community dysfunction, poverty and hopelessness.

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When it Comes to Criminals, What is Society Willing to Forgive?

Posted on · When it comes to crime, what is our society willing — and not willing — to forgive and what does it mean for folks (like ex-convicts) who seek that forgiveness after paying their debts? We explore the concept of forgiveness with Tamler Sommers, an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of […]