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Summer Reading: A Dictionary of All Things Houston

Posted on · Throughout the summer months, Houston Matters is dedicating time each week to books about Greater Houston, set in Greater Houston or written or edited by Houstonians. Our summer reading series continues today with James Glassman, a fifth-generation Houstonian, founder of the preservation group Houstorian, and author of The Houstorian Dictionary: An Insider's Index to Houston. […]

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What Are Some of Houston’s Greatest Mistakes?

Posted on · We all make mistakes in our lives – we take a step one way, when we probably should have gone the other. We try to learn from those missteps and not repeat them, but sometimes, well, the lesson's never really learned. The same can be said for communities. Some decisions we made (or didn’t make) […]

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Rainy Day Funds for Roads, and Bayou Restoration: Houston Matters for Wednesday, Oct.8, 2014

Posted on · Much of the focus of next month’s election has been, naturally, on candidates for major offices in Houston and across Texas, including a local race for District Attorney, and statewide elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. There’s also a proposition to voters on the ballot. HJR 1, if approved, would allocate half of the general […]

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What Buildings Should Be Preserved? The Astrodome Makes Us (8th) Wonder…

Posted on · We’ll talk about the landmark application process and what it’ll mean for the Astrodome if it’s given that designation. And, the Astrodome has been the central focus of preservation in Houston recently, so we want to open up the conversation to include other historic places in Houston. What sites, buildings or places need saving here? […]