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Collaboration with KERA’s ‘Think’ Examines Race, Education and Poverty

Posted on · On Wednesday (March 8, 2017), Houston Matters is collaborating with KERA's Think in Dallas for a conversation about race, education and poverty. Hosts Krys Boyd and Craig Cohen will guide the hour-long discussion looking at how these three aspects are intertwined. Here in Houston, we'll talk with News 88.7 education reporter Laura Isensee, who's been […]

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Report: Houston’s Richest Are Becoming More Isolated from Everyone Else

Posted on · Houston’s high-poverty areas have quadrupled since 1980, according to a new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research. The county’s upper-income census tracts tend to be more homogeneous — meaning that individuals with similar levels of income live in the same place. The researchers said this trend has been amplified over time, with […]

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Latest Flooding Was Especially Hard on Houston’s Most Vulnerable

Posted on · Houston's latest flooding was especially hard on areas like Greenspoint, where the majority of the households affected were low-income. We discuss the impact of the flooding on Houston's most vulnerable — and what's being done to help them — with Lance Gilliam, chair of the Houston Housing Authority.

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Report: One in Four Texas Children Live in Poverty

Posted on · For the 20th year, the Center for Public Policy Priorities has released its State of Texas Children report, measuring child well-being by race and ethnicity. Previously known as the Kids Count report, it finds that one in four Texas children live in poverty and "the poverty rates for Latino and Black children are nearly three […]

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The Annual Kinder Houston Area Survey: Monday’s Show (April 25, 2016)

Posted on · For 35 years, Rice's Kinder Institute for Urban Research has been providing analysis and color for Houston's citizens. From religion to the workforce and everything in between, this survey — the longest running in the U.S. — gives a fascinating bird's-eye view of the inhabitants of our city, as well as a drill-down into the […]

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An Interactive Map of Houston’s Food Deserts

Posted on · Some low-income neighborhoods in Houston have long had limited or no easy access to grocery stores. Despite a push a few years back from both the White House and local officials, that situation hasn’t changed much. We talk with Houston Chronicle reporter John Harden, who’s compiled data on the current state of food deserts in […]

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Are Children in Harris County In Better or Worse Health Than the Rest of Texas?

Posted on · The Episcopal Health Foundation compiled a county-level Children's Health Snapshot to attempt to tell the story of some of our youngest residents in the 57 counties of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, including Harris County. Where possible, they re­ported each county's child health indicators in comparison to rates for the state of Texas as a […]