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Rethinking Marijuana Possession Penalties and Transitional Artifacts: Houston Matters for Friday, August 8, 2014

Posted on · A 2013 study by the American Civil Liberties Union reported Harris County had one of the highest rates of marijuana arrests in 2010. Nearly 12,000 people in Harris County were busted for pot possession. Getting caught with even a little bit of marijuana in Texas is going to cost you. Possessing two ounces or less […]

Houston Matters

Could Texas Ever Legalize Marijuana?

Posted on · With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado, could it ever happen in Texas? The Lone Star State has been very conservative for a very long time, so at first glance, it seems unlikely that it could happen here anytime soon. But look a little deeper at what Texas stands for: rugged individualism, freedom […]

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