Harris County Judge: Emmett and Mincberg Will Be On the Ballot

Posted on · The fight for Harris County Judge will likely be fierce. Two men will square off in the November election in a bid to lead one of the largest counties in the nation. Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson has more on the race between Republican incumbent Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Democratic challenger David Mincberg.


Bigger Tax Exemptions for Seniors

Posted on · Harris County Commissioners Court has voted to increase the property tax exemption for senior homeowners. This will reduce county taxes for many homeowners, and eliminate them completely for others. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell explains.


Will Hispanics Vote in the Primary?

Posted on · With the Texas primaries coming up tomorrow, the two Democratic Presidential candidates are busier than ever courting minority voters, especially Hispanics. Political pundits and election watchers say Hispanics could determine who wins tomorrow, if they show up. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.


Walesa Recovering from Heart Surgery

Posted on · Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Polish President Lech Walesa is recovering after heart surgery at Houston's Methodist Hospital. Even though he's doing better, his doctors say they still don't know if he'll need a heart transplant, as Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.


Texting Becomes Political Tool For Young People

Posted on · With the Texas primaries less than a week away, students at the University of St. Thomas are trying a new way to get young voters to the polls. They're part of a national effort that uses text messages to get the word out about important election days. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.