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One year post-Roe v. Wade, officials say many pregnant people have to be ‘near-death’ to receive care for complications

Posted on · “They were so excited about [their] pregnancy, and then they got to a point of a miscarriage, a ruptured membrane, so many complications that so many women are afraid to share the story, and when they showed up at their doctor’s office, their doctor said, ‘I can do nothing.'"

Following a recent court ruling, birth control pills will no longer be provided to teens without parental consent at clinics that receive federal funding through Title X.

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Texas family planning clinics require parental consent for birth control following court ruling

Posted on · The Title X program has long provided free, confidential contraception to anyone, regardless of age, income or immigration status. A North Texas federal judge ruled in December that the program violates Texas law and parents’ rights.

Signs direct people to a drive-thru voting location at the Toyota Center in downtown Houston on Nov. 3, 2020. A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by Texas Republicans to toss 127,000 drive-thru votes in Harris County, but despite this, County Clerk Chris Hollins closed nine out of 10 drive-thru locations in order to prevent future litigation.


GOP Voting Bills Aimed At Harris County Reforms Are Suppression, Civil Rights Groups Say

Posted on · The ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League and others slammed the bills, which they say are unjust and make it harder to vote. Harris County leaders, meanwhile, say their reforms are the target.

After Gov. Greg Abbott’s order that postponed all non “immediately, medically necessary” surgeries expired in May, second-trimester abortions increased 61%.

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Early In The Pandemic, Texas Banned Most Abortions. After The Ban Lifted, 2nd-Trimester Abortions Jumped, A New Study Shows

Posted on · Texas officials cited a need to preserve medical supplies as a reason to crack down on abortions. A new study finds that many Texans left the state during this time seeking the procedure.

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