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Paying for College, Pet Care and Sports Monday: Houston Matters for Monday, May 19, 2014

Posted on · Tuition, room and board, supplies – the cost of attending college adds up quickly. In a recent survey, The College Board placed the average cost of attending a public in-state university this past academic year at a little over $18,000. The cost of attending a private college averaged nearly $41,000. A lot of families can't […]

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Telecommuting, Pet Care, and Anything That Floats: Houston Matters for Thursday, April 10, 2014

Posted on · Sometimes the traffic in Houston just makes you want to stay home from work. Some companies are making it easier for employees to do just that by offering the option to telecommute. On this edition of Houston Matters, we learn about telecommuting in Houston and welcome your questions for Veronica Baxter-Lamb, Transportation Program Coordinator for […]

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The Texas Medical Center, Your Veterinary Questions, and Houston Sports: Houston Matters for Monday, March 3, 2014

Posted on · The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world. It's really a city unto itself. On this edition of Houston Matters, we explore the state of the Med Center, and welcome your questions for its President and CEO, Dr. Robert Robbins. Among our topics: just what we mean when we say “Medical […]

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Pet Care: Houston Veterinarian Takes Your Questions on Dogs and Cats

Posted on · Once again, Houston Matters goes to the dogs...and cats. Today, we focus on a couple of things like dental hygiene, obesity, exercise and a recent spate of salmonella in cat food which is making some pet owners question the safety of the food they give their pets. We're joined by Dr. Lori Teller from the […]

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Changing Texas, Pet Care, and Super Bowl Recap: Houston Matters for Monday, February 3, 2014

Posted on · Steve Murdock is the former state demographer of Texas. He, along with fellow staffers at the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University, have collaborated on a new book entitled Changing Texas – Implications of Addressing or Ignoring the Texas Challenge. On this edition of Houston Matters, we’ll welcome your questions for […]

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Houston Matters for Wed., Oct. 9, 2013

Posted on · Science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM – majors can lead to high-paying jobs, especially in Houston where many industries rely on people with that knowledge. And yet, there are some disparities when it comes to which students participate in such STEM programs. According to the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, African-Americans […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, August 9, 2013

Posted on · The Texas Legislature has passed, and Governor Perry has signed, a law which would require some Texans seeking unemployment benefits to pass a drug test. There are numerous questions about the law, including exactly who it covers, in which occupations, whether the state should actually have the right to require such testing, and whether it […]