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Full Show: Impaired Drivers, and Reimagining Houston Streets (Sept. 19, 2018)

Posted on · On Wednesday's Houston Matters: We take a closer look at traffic fatalities caused by impaired drivers. Our experts break down the latest political stories. We discuss ways to make Houston friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists. And we learn about "Green Books" -- segregation-era travel guides for African Americans.

Houston Matters

Study Examines How and Where ‘Near-Misses’ Happen on Houston Roads

Posted on · (Above: An illustration of some common “near-misses” Houston cyclists and pedestrians face on Houston roads. Images Courtesy: Kinder Institute for Urban Research.) We’ve all had near-misses on Houston roads – moments where we just dodged an accident. It could be a host of things, from changing lanes and not realizing there was someone in your […]

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Near Misses on Houston Roads, and SB 4 Court Battle: Thursday’s Show (May 17, 2017)

Posted on · We've all had near-misses on Houston roads — moments when we just dodged an accident, while changing lanes and not realizing there’s someone in a blind spot, or not being seen by a speeding car while riding a bike. A team of researchers recently studied that latter experience – and ones like it. Dian Nostikasari […]

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Designs That Will Make Streets Safe for Pedestrians

Posted on · It seems a week doesn't go by that we don't hear about another pedestrian fatality somewhere in Greater Houston. In fact, according to an article in the Insurance Journal as of Nov. 2016, Houston pedestrians who have been struck and killed by cars has risen over 31 percent. HPD admits that’s higher than the total […]

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The State of Houston Transportation in 2016

Posted on · We continue our 2nd annual "State of Houston" series – exploring the state of Greater Houston's economy, transportation, health, education, environment, politics and culture. On this edition, we delve into what is a sort of pastime for Houstonians: complaining about our traffic and the conditions of our roads. We explore the state of transportation in […]

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Revisiting Houston’s Walkability

Posted on · On past Houston Matters programs, we've explored a number of concerns and efforts related to walkability in the region. We've talked about safety concerns for pedestrians, areas in need of improved access and policies designed to make the region more walkable. Now, two Houston neighborhoods have been named to a residential brokerage firm's list of […]