British Nigerian Bel-Air actor, Jimmy Akingbola


I SEE U, Episode 85: The Fresh Prince of Foster Care with Actor Jimmy Akingbola

Posted on · Born in London to Nigerian immigrants, British actor Jimmy Akingbola shares his personal narrative as a child in foster care—an experience that inspired his character’s storyline in the hit Peacock series, BEL-AIR.

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Next Question (Ep 15): Jim Lehrer; Our Pop Culture Conclave’s look at The Grammys, PEACOCK, & The Gentlemen; Plus The Music Of Bob Schneider

Posted on · On this episode, we remember PBS NewsHour anchor and veteran newscaster Jim Lehrer, who passed away on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020. For our music, Austin based performer Bob Schneider. Plus our Pop Culture Conclave – Dustin Chase, Justin McKee & Eddie Robinson look at the new Guy Ritchie film, the idea of Lizzo as a "New Artist," and an on the ground look at the Iowa Caucasus.

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