flare burning at drilling site in DeWitt County

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Groups Say EPA Doing Too Little About Oil Drilling And Earthquakes

Posted on · Drilling for oil and gas may have slowed down in Texas, but there are still millions of barrels of contaminated wastewater that has to be disposed of. The tainted water is what comes back up out of the ground during drilling operations. Public interest groups say regulations are outdated and are putting the environment at risk.

1,200 construction workers are building the Tenaris steel pipe factory in Bay City

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$30 Oil Not Stopping Massive Project Near Houston

Posted on · Since the late 1990’s, jobs in factories have been drying up. Nationwide, over five million manufacturing jobs evaporated. Now, some are coming back. And one place that’s happening is just outside Houston. A global company is going to make pipe for the drilling industry (an industry that’s not drilling so much at the moment).

novas rig drilling

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Drillers Find Ways To Reach Billions Of Barrels Of Oil Trapped In Old Wells

Posted on · Just a few years ago, you were hearing a lot about “fracking”, the technique revolutionizing the oil-drilling business. That business has plummeted with the drop in the price of oil. Now, drillers are using everything from electrically-induced shock waves to acid to bring up oil left behind by conventional drilling.

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Reserve Pits, Houston’s Health, Indie Bookstores & Birding: Houston Matters for Wed., April 2, 2014

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk with Dave Fehling, Houston Public Media’s State Impact reporter for energy and the environment, about concerns related to what are known as “reserve pits” on drilling sites. These pits are dug on the site of a drilling rig and filled with waste that comes out of oil […]

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