Sayd Randle, Ellen Reid, and Sarah LaBrie

Houston Matters

Why A Los Angeles Choral Group Is Singing About Houston

Posted on · Producer Joshua Zinn spoke with composer Ellen Reid and librettist Sarah LaBrie about their new work "dreams of the new world," which examines the idea of the American Dream through three prominent American cities, including Houston.

Houston Matters

What Was the 1980s Houston Oil Bust Really Like?

Posted on · Slogging through an economic slowdown after a period of rapid growth can be frustrating. It can also be easy to lose perspective. To gets some of that perspective, we travel back in time 30 years to July of 1986, with the help of Houston Matters' new WABAC machine (…also with the help of an area […]

Houston Matters

Boom In Oil Means a Boom in Traffic Deaths

Posted on · The revolution in oil and natural gas production has been a windfall for trucking companies and commercial drivers across the state. But it's also led to a surge in fatal accidents on Texas highways. All this week, Houston Public Media News 88.7’s Andrew Schneider and the Houston Chronicle’s Lise Olsen have collaborated in a series […]

Houston Matters

Novel Tells of Houston’s Forgotten Era as the ‘Magnolia City’

Posted on · We all know the stereotypes of Texas and Houston as places where everyone’s supposedly riding horses. But a new novel flies in the face of Houston’s cowboy myth by telling the historical fiction of a largely forgotten era of the city’s history — the roaring 1920s — when Houston was known as the Magnolia City. […]

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