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Obamacare Odysseys: How Having Insurance Isn’t the Same as Getting Care

Posted on · Because of the Affordable Care Act, some Houstonians are getting health insurance either for the first time or for the first time in a long time. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually getting timely healthcare. In her series,  “Obamacare Odysseys,” Houston Public Media health and science reporter Carrie Feibel explains why. We talk with […]

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Apartments, ‘Obamacare Odysseys’ & Archery: Houston Matters for July 22, 2014

Posted on · New Houstonians and renters whose leases are up in the fall may be apartment hunting these days. While demand is consistently high here, there are lots of apartment developments to explore. The real challenge – finding an apartment with the amenities you want, at the price you want, in the location you want, when you […]

Obamacare Odysseys

Promise of Affordable Care Act Falls Short for Harris Health

Posted on · Harris Health, the county's public hospital and clinic system, has long been the safety net for the uninsured. But this year some of those patients had a choice: continue to get care at Harris Health (and pay a tax penalty for being uninsured), or sign up for private insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Most stuck with the safety net. Health educator Denise LaRue says lots of patients were unfamiliar with health insurance and didn't see the benefit of paying premiums, deductibles and co-pays.

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Obamacare Odysseys: How is the New Healthcare Program Affecting Houstonians?

Posted on · Houston Public Media's Health and Science Reporter Carrie Feibel is producing a new series on the impact the Affordable Care Act is having on Houstonians. It’s called “Obamacare Odysseys.” She’ll tell us about it, and share some of what she’s heard so far from your fellow Houstonians.

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Death Penalty, Affordable Care Act in Houston, and Crawfish: Houston Matters for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Posted on · Last week, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the execution of Robert James Campbell within hours of his execution. The 41 year old was convicted in 1991 of the rape and murder of a Houston bank teller. The stay allows his lawyers to file a new petition alleging he's developmentally disabled, according to […]