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Refugees Farming to Make a Living Wage

Posted on · Plant It Forward Farms is a Houston based non-profit that aims to employ refugees through an urban farmer program that teaches refugees how to make a living wage from farming an acre of land. Plant It Forward Farms’ success caught the eye of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain and was featured on the show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts […]

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New Police and Fire Chiefs In Houston, Pearl Harbor, and Full Menu: Wednesday’s Show (December 7, 2016)

Posted on · The Houston Chronicle recently published an investigative piece looking at how a patient's suicide at The Menninger Clinic points to larger problems in transparency with mental health clinics and hospitals. We talk with Mike Hixenbaugh with The Houston Chronicle about his report Also this hour…

Houston Matters

Houston is Home to Some of the World’s Largest Law Firms

Posted on · Houston is home to many legal firms that cover everything from criminal law, to the oil and gas industry. It's also home to some of the largest law firms not just in the country — but in the world. Whether you come in contact with these firms or not, the work they do affects your […]

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