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Montrose Management District Ordered to Pay Back Millions

Posted on · The Texas Legislature created management districts around the state in 1999. When that happened, lawmakers authorized — and the Houston City Council approved — the collection of funds to promote economic development and to make improvements to public areas in individual neighborhoods. Since then, Houston has 51 of those such management districts in neighborhoods like […]

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Super Bowl LI Preparation, and Montrose Management District: Friday’s Show (December 9, 2016)

Posted on · Super Bowl 51 in Houston is now just weeks away. What’s been done to get the Bayou City ready to host such a high-profile event. What preparations remain? We find out from Mike Waterman, president of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. Mike Waterman joins us to discuss the investment Houston First has made […]

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Houston’s Changing Neighborhoods

Posted on · We’ve regularly discussed on this program the ways in which Houston has been transforming in recent years. We Houstonians have watched as our infrastructure has struggled to keep up with dramatic population growth. We’ve also both celebrated and bemoaned the reinvention of entire neighborhoods — what some see as improvements, and others dismiss as gentrification. […]

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Houston City Council Member Karla Cisneros Discusses Neighborhood Challenges in District H

Posted on · Every Greater Houston neighborhood has a few things in common: occasional disputes over neighborhood policies, concerns about crime and safety, road and sidewalk conditions and so forth. But some neighborhoods will, on occasion, deal with unique challenges. Case in point: Wednesday’s (July 6, 2016) discussion about whether the Houston Heights neighborhood should remain dry. Today […]

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How and Why Houston Neighborhoods Have Morphed Over the Years

Posted on · Some of Houston’s neighborhoods have, for lack of a better phrase, “morphed” over the decades. Montrose once had a much larger African-American community, then it became known as Houston’s gay neighborhood, then a more gentrified area. Sharpstown, Meyerland, The Heights — they’ve all undergone transformative change from one generation to the next. We explore what’s […]

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Understanding Houston’s Many Wards

Posted on · For some time now on Houston Matters, when the words “ward” or “wards” get mentioned, we'd be guaranteed to get an email or a tweet from a listener asking the same question: "You mention the wards, but where can I find information on them?" Outside of places like Wikipedia, it can be difficult information to […]

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Pearland: Growing Fast, Changing Fast

Posted on · Today, Pearland is one of the fastest growing areas in Greater Houston. It's population has recently jumped in the past years from the low ten thousands to over 100,000. This rapid growth means constant change, development and a town that is trying to figure out their identity. In the latest installment of our “Neighborhoods” series, […]