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Funeral Museum Sees its Image Changing

Posted on · When you tell people you’re going to visit the National Museum of Funeral History, you’re bound to get at least one comment along the lines of “that sounds a bit morbid.” That’s exactly what happened last week to Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty. Michael took a tour of the museum with its president, Genevieve Keeney, who […]

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Original Edition of the Magna Carta on Display at Houston Museum

Posted on · An original edition of the Magna Carta from the year 1217 is on display now through Aug. 17 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Dirk Van Tuerenhout, curator of anthropology at the museum, tells us about the document, its historical significance and its legacy — including influencing the US Bill of Rights. Along with […]

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Events Planned to Mark 50 Years Since Rothko Chapel Commission

Posted on · In 1964, Houston philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil commissioned the famed Russian-born American painter Mark Rothko to create the Rothko Chapel, a sacred space for both art and contemplation located in the city’s museum district. Now, 50 years after the commission, there’s a series of events reflecting on the artist and his work planned […]

Arts & Culture

Regina Agu: “Nerve Endings”

Posted on · Artist Regina Agu talks with Troy Schulze about her current exhibition, which explores hidden histories and the ghostly traces of forgotten communities and symbolic events. "Nerve Endings" is on view through January 11 at Lawndale Art Center.

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Exhibit Brings Replicas of World’s Oldest Art to Houston

Posted on · In September of 1940 four French boys discovered a long-forgotten cave full of prehistoric art. The Lascaux Cave, as it’s now known, has been dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of Pre-history,” because it’s adorned with ancient frescos of bulls, deer and bison. The caves have been closed to the public since the 1960s to protect them, […]

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What Is That Crawling Up My Wall? Answering Your Questions About Houston’s Bugs

Posted on · We welcome your questions about the wonderful and varied world of insects here in Houston. As the weather cools, you may have spotted a few more creepy crawly creatures in and around your home. Ever wondered “just what is that?” Well, we’ll pose those questions to entomologist Dr. Nancy Greig, Director of the Cockrell Butterfly […]

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Clock Tower Turned into Public Art Installation

Posted on · A well-known Houston landmark recently got a makeover. The clock tower downtown in Market Square was transformed by Houston Artist Jo Ann Fleischhauer into a piece called “What Time is It?” From now through March, the clock shifts from merely a chiming timepiece tolling every hour to a permanent art installation and venue for performances. […]


Lives and Deaths of Popes Exhibit

Posted on · There's an "unusual" new exhibit at Houston's most unusual museum. It's at the National Museum of Funeral History, and it documents the deaths and funerals of some of history's famous Popes. Jim Bell reports.