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Cities Within The City: Landlocked Municipalities Can Create Confusion For Houstonians

Posted on · We learn about the many cities within the city of Houston -- the areas that have been surrounded by Houston's sprawl yet retained their own governments, police forces, and personalities.

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Electoral College Debate, Jobs and Robots, and Houston’s Municipalities: Tuesday’s Show (December 6, 2016)

Posted on · Is it an idea whose time has come, or just sour grapes? After watching his Democrats lose two presidential elections in 16 years despite winning the popular vote, Congressman Gene Green of Houston wants to abolish the Electoral College. Rep. Green last month introduced legislation in the U.S. House calling for a  Constitutional Amendment to […]

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How Can Houston Suburbs Improve?

Posted on · A new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research examines ways Houston suburbs can improve. The study is based on five case studies of Houston suburbs, including Sugar Land and The Woodlands. Kyle Shelton, the man behind the research, joins us to discuss how our idea of suburbs has changed over time and […]