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Making a Hobby Out of Helping Stranded Motorists

Posted on · We learn about Walt Brinker, who’s made a hobby of stopping and helping other motorists with car problems. He’s written a book about everything he’s learned over the years. It’s called Roadside Survival: Low-Tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns. He says about 75 percent of the problems he’s encountered were tired-related issues.

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Texting While Driving, Pet Care, and Sports Monday: Houston Matters for Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Posted on · The start of the next legislative session in Austin is still a couple of months away, but state lawmakers are already beginning to file bills. Among them: State Representative Tom Craddick, who has once again filed a measure calling for a texting-while-driving ban. It’s similar to a bill passed in 2011, which Gov. Perry vetoed. […]

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How Much Do Houston’s Bad Roads Cost You Each Year?

Posted on · A study released last week by the national transportation research group TRIP suggests poor conditions on Houston roads cost drivers here, on average, nearly $1,900 a year. The study evaluates current conditions, usage and funding for Texas highways. We learn more about the study from Rocky Moretti, Director of Policy and Research for TRIP.

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