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Unapologetically Moderate: Writer Searches for the Rational Center

Posted on · For the last decade, Bill King has written a column on politics and public policy for the Houston Chronicle. The former two term mayor of Kemah, in Galveston County, has compiled those columns into a new book called Unapologetically Moderate: My Search for a Rational Center in American Politics. We ask King if he’s found […]

Houston Matters

Are Our Political Views More Moderate Than Public Discourse Suggests?

Posted on · So much of our political discourse today reveals the views of two political extremes – liberals and conservatives. But if we think of the political spectrum as a line, the views we hear most often typically represent points quite distant from one another. What about the space between, where moderates live? Are we as diametrically […]

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Equal Rights Ordinance Update and Houston Comic Book Experts on Marvel: Houston Matters for Thursday, May 15, 2014

Posted on · The Houston City Council is delaying a vote on a proposed Equal Rights Ordinance for another two weeks. Councilmembers did vote Wednesday on a number of amendments to the ordinance, including one that would eventually apply the ordinance to companies with 15 or more workers, drawn down, over time, from 50. On this edition of […]

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