Teacher turnover is a controversial part of Houston ISD reforms. It’s a feature, not a side effect

Posted on · Parents and teachers continue to speak out against reforms and turnover in Houston’s public school system. The protests intensified this week as the state-appointed leaders of Houston ISD removed more teachers from their schools. The debate over these types of reforms is not new — even in Houston.  


TEA-appointed Houston ISD board allows teachers to be terminated if schools close, seeks exemption from state laws

Posted on · The state-appointed leaders of Houston’s public school system say they can’t comply with a new law requiring police officers at every campus, and they’re seeking exemptions for that and other state laws. During the Thursday board meeting, they also geared up for expected school closures in the coming years by approving a policy that allows staffers from those schools to be terminated. 

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TEA-appointed Houston ISD board wants to lengthen the school year through controversial process rejected in 2021

Posted on · Houston ISD’s state-appointed Board of Managers approved Superintendent Mike Miles’ request to seek a longer school year — a proposal that had previously been rejected. District leadership also tweaked how educators are evaluated in response to a union lawsuit, and a group of protesters interrupted the meeting every four minutes. 


Teachers have mixed feelings about Houston ISD reforms under Mike Miles, from ‘I hate it’ to ‘Just support it’

Posted on · Houston public school students start class on Monday, when the sweeping reforms enacted by state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles will be put to the test. Their teachers are already at work, learning the ins and outs of the so-called “New Education System” — and many of them are critical of the changes. 


‘A fever dream’: Mike Miles stars in musical about himself as disorganization plagues Houston ISD teacher training

Posted on · The week-long training for teachers across Houston ISD got off to a rocky start, with crowded rooms prompting a fire marshal visit. On Wednesday, TEA-appointed superintendent Mike Miles starred in a musical about himself. 

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Mike Miles gains power as Houston ISD Board of Managers approves major policy changes, union files grievances and community members protest

Posted on · State-appointed superintendent Mike Miles gained more power Thursday night, but he didn’t get everything he asked for. Also this week, the Houston ISD teachers’ union filed grievances seeking to pause the reforms in about 60 of the 85 targeted schools, and community members organized a “read in” protest at the board meeting.