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Houstonians helping with Idalia relief (Aug. 31, 2023)

Posted on · On Thursday's show: What is now Tropical Storm Idalia continues to roll through the southeast’s Atlantic coast, Houstonians are poised to help folks in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

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Raising awareness of cancer survivorship

Posted on · Today, medical experts join us to help send the message that life after cancer is something worth celebrating, and a better quality of life for cancer survivors is worth fighting for.

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Study: Electronic Health Records Create Information Overload for Doctors and Risks for Patients

Posted on · Do you spend way too much time at work responding to email? Well, it’s no different for doctors — but with possible greater consequences. In our digital world, many physicians spend more than an hour a day processing and responding to electronic notifications — things like test results, requests for prescription refills, referral requests and […]

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Crowdsourcing: Could It Provide a Faster, More Accurate Medical Diagnosis?

Posted on · In recent years, crowdsourcing has surged in popularity as a way to solicit contributions from a large group of people. It can be in the form of needed services, ideas or content. And when it comes to seeking a medical diagnosis, receiving opinions from potentially hundreds of strangers online is convenient, but are they accurate? […]

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Why Do Diagnosis Mistakes Happen, and How Can They Be Prevented?

Posted on · We trust our doctors. We let them poke us and prod us. They give us shots. They see us naked. We entrust to them our medical history and share personal details about our lives in the hopes it leads to the best possible care. But doctors are also human, and they make mistakes. A new […]

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Working the Early Shift: The Life and Health of Houston’s Early Risers

Posted on · For most Houstonians, life follows a fairly predictable schedule. Wake up around sunrise, work or go to school during the day, run errands, socialize, or decompress at night, then sleep, and start all over again. But that pattern – and the environment that is Houston – looks and feels very different if you work the […]

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What’s the Best Way to Hear Bad News About Your Health?

Posted on · When something abnormal comes up in a medical test, would you like to hear the news immediately from the lab or later from your doctor? Researchers at the Houston Veterans Affairs Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness and Safety recently conducted studies to determine whether patients and doctors agree on how abnormal test results should […]

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How Rural Retreats Near Houston are Helping Wounded Veterans

Posted on · The 2007 best-selling book (and 2013 film adaptation) Lone Survivor  tells the story of Navy SEAL and Houston native Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of a gun battle during a mission in Afghanistan in 2005. Luttrell was badly wounded, and wasn’t rescued until several days after the battle.  It’s a harrowing story, but […]