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The fascinating details about the Tex-Mex food history and restaurant profile. Plus, Alley Theatre of Houston launches a season of laughter and fun!

Posted on · Today, our listeners go one-on-one with award-winning chef and food writer Adán Medrano about the best Tex-Mex recipes and restaurants in Houston. Also, we continue our series on the Houston performing arts scene, where Alley Theatre announces 10 new shows for the season, with six of them being world premieres.

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Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food

Posted on · Jeffrey Pilcher is a professor of history at the University of Toronto. He came to Houston back in September of 2014 to talk about tacos. His lecture was part of the University of Houston Center for Public History's Gulf Coast Food Project. Professor Pilcher has written a number of books about Mexican food, including Planet […]

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Houston Has its Own College Class All About Tacos

Posted on · You might have stumbled across an article or two last week about a University of Kentucky course on “taco literacy.” The class offers students a chance to learn about food and culture in a largely Latino area of Lexington. Well, it turns out, Houston has its own class on tacos with similar goals. Instructor Temple […]