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Full Show: Opioid Crisis, Gardening Advice, And A Houston Ghost Town (Oct. 26 2017)

Posted on · On Thursday's Houston Matters: We learn what a new crisis declaration could mean for the fight against opioids in Houston. Horticulturist Linda Gay answers your gardening questions. And we learn about a ghost town of sorts in Greater Houston called Moonshine Hill.

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Painkiller Addiction: What’s Behind This Epidemic?

Posted on · When Prince died last month and his autopsy indicated Percocet in his system, it triggered dialogue about growing concerns over painkiller addition in America. The Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center works with addicts and trains doctors about proper prescription of pain medication. We talk with the center’s CEO, Matt Feehery. And Edel Howlin talks […]

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Answers to Your Questions About Allergies

Posted on · We’re seeing a heavy dose of tree pollen these days. And mold and weed counts — while low this week — are ever-present concerns for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Never mind the cat dander. Dr. Dat Tran, an allergist with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, answers listeners’ allergy […]

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New Process Aims to Prevent Amputations

Posted on · While many may associate amputations with traumatic events such as war, the more common causes often stem from vascular disease exacerbated by diabetes, according to the nonprofit Amputee Coalition. In an effort to prevent amputations, Memorial Hermann has created a new process to try and preserve limbs. To learn more about it, we talk with […]

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Amid Oil Sector Layoffs, Who Is Hiring in Houston These Days?

Posted on · Amid oil sector layoffs of the past year, we discuss what industries are hiring these days. What qualifications are needed to make a go of it in a new career space? And are there enough jobs to absorb the hit the Greater Houston region is taking? We talk with Tanya Cook, vice president of talent […]

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New Clinics and Services Offer Help for Mental Health Crisis — But Is It Enough?

Posted on · Recently, Memorial Hermann opened its third Mental Health Crisis Clinic in Meyerland. It's a location that opens from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. so people in need in the middle of the night can access help. Oftentimes these people can find themselves incarcerated at the Harris County Jail when it's really mental health services they […]

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Grier Exit Interview and “Oops” Moments in Politics: Tuesday’s Show (March 1, 2016)

Posted on · On Monday (Feb. 29, 2016), Terry Grier completed his final day as superintendent of the Houston Independent School District. He announced last September that he would resign before his contract his is up in June. Deputy Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer Ken Huewitt has been named the district’s interim superintendent. After nearly seven years at […]

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Conference Discusses Future of Stem Cell Therapies

Posted on · This weekend, UT Health Neuroscience Research Center hosts a 90-minute forum to discuss prospects for the future use of stem cell therapy to treat neurological diseases, like Parkinson's and traumatic brain injuries. We learn more from Erin Furr-Stimming, Associate Professor of Neurology at UT Health, Memorial Hermann’s Mischer Neuroscience Institute, and Harris Health System.

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Lex Frieden on the ADA and the Past, Present, and Future of Disability Rights

Posted on · This Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The landmark legislation, signed into law on July 26, 1990 by President George H.W. Bush, prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunities for disabled Americans in "employment, government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation." On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk with […]

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The Family Business: Son Follows His Dad into Medicine

Posted on · Some Houstonians may choose to go on a completely different career path than their parents. But others choose to follow in their family's footsteps and pursue a career that mirrors that of their parent's, or another relative. That's the case with two doctors practicing in the Memorial Herman Health System. Dr. Francisco Maislos is a […]

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Should Non-Profit Hospitals Be Able to Sue Patients Over Unpaid Bills?

Posted on · Last month, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley told NPR and ProPublica he was “astounded” by the collection practices of some non-profit hospitals, who are seizing wages of low-income patients. NPR and ProPublica have found hundreds of such instances, which Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, says could be illegal. They would be, for sure, here in […]

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What a Sea Snail Can Teach Us About the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Posted on · Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are familiar with potential side effects, including what’s commonly known as “chemo brain” – some struggle to concentrate, or have memory problems during a course of chemotherapy. There are treatments to mitigate such effects, but mostly, patients just have to live with it until their treatment is over. A new […]