Experts Warn Of Extra Fire Hazards During The Holidays

Posted on · Christmas trees can be engulfed in flames in two seconds, just one of the extra fire hazards in most homes this season. The Houston Fire Department is putting out its annual warning about candles, space heaters, cooking fires and electrical overloads from too many lights

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Should Non-Profit Hospitals Be Able to Sue Patients Over Unpaid Bills?

Posted on · Last month, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley told NPR and ProPublica he was “astounded” by the collection practices of some non-profit hospitals, who are seizing wages of low-income patients. NPR and ProPublica have found hundreds of such instances, which Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, says could be illegal. They would be, for sure, here in […]

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How to Protect Your Child From Sports Injuries This School Year

Posted on · With another school year comes another year of youth sports, and sports injuries. We welcome your questions about how Houston area schools, coaches and parents can try to protect their young athletes from serious injury, including the latest thinking on treating concussions. Our guests are: Dr. Alfred Mansour, Pediatric Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Surgeon at […]

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Class Offers Answers and Advice for New Dads

Posted on · There seems to be a wealth of information and advice for expecting mothers. From books to family and friends and, of course, the Internet, moms-to-be have an endless supply of information. But it looks like new dads are getting left behind. However, a prenatal class in Houston is hoping to change that. Houston Matters’ Maggie […]