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Coastal Residents Sue Plastics Plant on Water Pollution Claim

Posted on · State regulators have linked the plant to plastic pellets in nearby waters and are currently considering an enforcement action. But residents are suing in federal court, hoping for what would be, if they win, an unusually large fine.

Houston Matters

Why Is One Company Building a Pipe Mill in Bay City When Oil Prices are So Low?

Posted on · Tenaris is one the world’s largest oilfield services companies, specializing in manufacturing steel pipe. And it’s building an enormous new mill to do just that in Bay City, about an hour southwest of Houston. It will be operational next year (2017). But why build such a huge new operation at a time when oil prices […]

Houston Matters

Why Are Industrial Companies Moving To Pearland?

Posted on · Pearland has experienced a surge in recent years in industrial growth. We talk with Matt Buchanan, president of the Pearland Economic Development Corporation, about why FloWorks, Dover Energy, Merit Medical, Tool-Flo, Profile Wire and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Compressors International have all developed facilities in Pearland in recent years, and whether that trend is likely to […]

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Self-Reporting, Silver Alerts, and Symphony Broadcast Preview: Houston Matters for Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2014

Posted on · While government authorities are tasked with investigating industrial accidents, those efforts, particularly here in Texas, are often triggered by industry “self-reporting.” But how does that work exactly? And how far do we defer to and trust companies to report accidents? On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk about the concept of industry self-reporting, and consider […]