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Former Astronaut Discusses the Legacy of Women in Space

Posted on · The documentary Makers: Women in Space premieres on Houston Public Media TV 8 tonight at 8. Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty talks with former astronaut Bonnie Dunbar about the history of women in space, the significance of Sally Ride breaking through and the need to encourage more girls and women to pursue careers in engineering. He […]

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Smoking in Houston, John Hofmeister, and Women in Space: Houston Matters for Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Posted on · Earlier this month, the City of Houston expanded its no smoking policy to all public pedestrian plazas. It’s just the latest in many ongoing policies nationwide to discourage smoking in general, and specifically reduce second-hand smoke in public. Some smokers feel unreasonably persecuted. Some non-smokers feel current policies don’t go far enough. On this edition […]