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What We Can Learn From ‘Near-Death’ Experiences

Posted on · What exactly happens when someone has a near-death experience? It’s a phenomenon met with both fascination and skepticism. Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin, an assistant professor of philosophy at Sam Houston State University, digs into the subject in the new book Near-Death Experiences: Understanding Visions Of The Afterlife. Mitchell-Yellin, who co-wrote the book with John Martin Fischer, discusses […]

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Waking Up in India With No Idea Who You Are Or How You Got There

Posted on · In October of 2002, 28-year-old David MacLean found himself at a train station in India with no idea of who he was or why he was there. After a series of medical tests, MacLean would learn that his episode of amnesia was caused by an antimalarial drug, called Lariam. These are just a few discoveries […]

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