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Initiative Encourages Houstonians to Lose a Million Pounds

Posted on · We learn about the Million Pound Challenge, an initiative by Shape Up Houston to encourage Greater Houston to collectively lose a million pounds. The hope is to encourage a healthier Houston and to lessen the public health and economic burdens it could create in the future.

Houston Matters

Why Are Texas Diabetes Numbers Higher Than Nationally?

Posted on · It's hard to know for sure just how many Americans are diabetic – that's because millions of us don't know that we are. Various sources suggest anywhere from 22 to 26 million Americans have diabetes. The National Diabetes Education Program pegs the number at just shy of 26 million diabetics; 15.8 million who have been […]

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Allergies & Asthma, A New Approach to Online Educ. & Recovering from Amnesia: Houston Matters for Tues., Feb. 4, 2014

Posted on · Taking a deep breath may seem like a good idea sometimes. But when it comes to allergy season and asthma — forget it! Like most of the country, Houston has distinctive allergy seasons. Sometimes they’re shorter, sometimes they’re longer. But with a humid climate and air pollution, it may seem like allergies are a problem […]