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Farmer’s Markets Encourage Houstonians to Buy & Eat Local

Posted on · Now that the weather is warming up, theÂCity Hall Farmer’s MarketÂis back open. As springtime approaches, we look at farmer’s markets in Greater Houston and efforts to encourage Houstonians to eat local. More:ÂWhy The Combination Of Lunch And Fresh Produce Is Working Out For Downtown Farmer’s Market

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Deaths in the Oil Field, Farmer’s Markets & Organ Donation: Houston Matters for Mon., Feb. 24, 2013

Posted on · On Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reported on some of the negative consequences of Greater Houston’s oil boom. While regulations have been strengthened in recent years for off-shore oil drilling – in particular following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill – on-shore drilling remains, as one Houston attorney puts it: “the wild west.” We talk […]

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Nation’s Cold Snap Felt Even in Normally Balmy Houston

Posted on · As you’re well aware — it’s cold in Houston. And it’s supposed to be in January,but today we're a good 20 to 25 degrees below normal temps. And while it all pales in comparison to the winter storms and dangerous below zero conditions felt in other parts of the country, it's enough for us to […]

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Stay Classy Houston: What’s Right and Wrong About Local News

Posted on · Last week, we explored the state of community papers in Houston. Today, we turn our attention to the major news media outlets in town, to consider the state of local news coverage in Greater Houston. We welcome your questions forÂGeorge Haj,Âsenior editor at the Houston Chronicle,ÂHouston media blogger Mike McGuff, and former KTRH reporter and […]


Texas Jurors to Receive a Pay Increase

Posted on · Jury service is now worth your while again. Jurors here and across Texas are now being paid $40 dollars a day, a third more than they have been receiving. Officials hope the pay restoration will increase the incentive to come to jury service.