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How to Insulate Your Teenager From Modern Stressors

Posted on · Our summer reading series continues with Judith Widener Muir, author of Live Wires: Neuro-Parenting to Ignite Your Teen’s Brain. Her book explains what makes the teenage brain unique and versatile and how to insulate today’s teens from the stresses of “college frenzy, achievement mania and media explosion.” She also explains how versatile and adaptive the […]

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Is Houston Really Affordable? Houston Matters for Tues., Aug. 12, 2014

Posted on · We often hear about the low cost of living in Texas and Houston. But is it really true? The answer, not surprising, is: it depends. Where in Greater Houston you live factors in tremendously. Some areas are seeing unprecedented demand for places to live – and that drives up prices in those areas, not just […]