NY Times Best Selling Authors and Activists, Regina Jackson and Saira Rao


I SEE U, Episode 99: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with Karen? with Authors Saira Rao and Regina Jackson

Posted on · New York Times best-selling authors Regina Jackson and Saira Rao have a distinct mission to confront white women across the country about their role in upholding a complicity to white supremacy and to help them realize the part they can play in dismantling systems of oppression.

Houston Matters

Where Does Houston Lean Politically?

Posted on · A Pew Research Center article says big cities in the U.S. tend to lean toward the liberal side of the political spectrum. This includes Houston. Mark Jones, Chair of the Department of Political Science at Rice University, joins us to examine where the major surrounding counties stand related to each other on the liberal conservative […]

Houston Matters

Are Our Political Views More Moderate Than Public Discourse Suggests?

Posted on · So much of our political discourse today reveals the views of two political extremes – liberals and conservatives. But if we think of the political spectrum as a line, the views we hear most often typically represent points quite distant from one another. What about the space between, where moderates live? Are we as diametrically […]