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Houstonians Share Their Words of Wisdom on Life Here

Posted on · A year ago (March 6, 2015), we asked your fellow listeners to share lessons they've learned about life in Greater Houston. What lessons would you like to impart to your fellow Houstonians? We want to hear from you longtime Houstonians — folks born and raised here, or who moved here so many years ago that […]

Houston Matters

Longtime Houstonians Share Their Advice for Living Here

Posted on · We’ve had so many folks move to Greater Houston in recent years, and so each September, we present Houston Matters’ newcomers guide to Houston. But as much as we seek to make that guide informative, it’s missing an important piece. Namely: you! As in you longtime Houstonians, folks born and raised here, or who moved […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, June 7, 2013

Posted on · Houston welcomes U.S. and Irish rugby teams to town this weekend, for a game that's bound to be filled with scrums, knock-ons, mulligrubbers and falcons. Any idea what any of that means? Producer Edel Howlin visited with the Irish squad, and will share a little rugby 101 during today’s Houston Matters. Under the Voting Rights […]