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‘Ask the Lawyer’ Episode: When it comes to all people being treated fairly in the eyes of the law, what’s the best way to navigate the system?

Posted on · Houston legal experts discuss what to do when in those personal situations need a lawyer or a judge. Although these experts cannot offer legal advice, they are here to help us understand more about the law and the issues we may be dealing with.

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The Life of a Public Defender in Houston

Posted on · It's the job of a public defender to represent Houstonians who can't afford to hire their own attorney. In other cities, it is often an under-resourced role. But the Harris County Public Defender’s Office was created in conjunction with the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, and until recently was funded by that commission. We talk with […]

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What Would Your 28th Amendment Be?

Posted on · There are 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The first ten, of course, are the Bill of Rights, which address matters ranging from speech to religion to guns. The other seventeen Amendments include one dedicated to abolishing slavery, others ensure voting rights, one establishes Prohibition, another repeals it. From time to time, citizens call for […]

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Who’s Using Drones and What Are the Implications for Privacy?

Posted on ·’s CEO is talking about a future filled with “delivery drones” that drop packages on your doorstep. Of course, there are implications – legal, technological…and moral. So, we talk with Michael Buscher, founder and CEO of Vanguard, a Houston-based manufacturer of drones. Vangaurd makes the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial System. We’ll learn who uses it and […]


Are Domestic Partner Benefits Legal In Texas?

Posted on · This coming Thursday Pflugerville ISD will vote on a policy plan to provide health benefits for domestic partners. If the board of trustees approves the plan — Pflugerville could become the first school district in Texas to offer such benefits. But some groups say the policy violates the Texas Constitution.


Attorney General says Conn's Conned Customers

Posted on · The Texas Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against one of the largest appliance and electronic retails stores in the state. The lawsuit accuses Conn's of misleading consumers and violating deceptive trade laws. Bill Stamps has more.