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Houston Matters for Wed., Nov. 13, 2013

Posted on · There are a lot of paths to a quality education. While many may go straight from high school to a four year college, others enter the work force, or the military for a time, and then may return to school. Some attend trade schools or community colleges. Some never pursue higher education. An initiative launched […]

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Diploma Mills in Houston and Across the State of Texas

Posted on · Some Houston-area high school students are leaving public schools to attend “private schools,” but on further inspection, those private schools are really non-accredited institutions, in which a student pays a fee, takes one test, and then “graduates,” diploma in hand. School board members and education experts characterize schools offering such services as essentially diploma mills, […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, June 7, 2013

Posted on · Houston welcomes U.S. and Irish rugby teams to town this weekend, for a game that’s bound to be filled with scrums, knock-ons, mulligrubbers and falcons. Any idea what any of that means? Producer Edel Howlin visited with the Irish squad, and will share a little rugby 101 during today’s Houston Matters. Under the Voting Rights […]